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Meet the UCLA Sorority House Directors 2014-2015:


Julie Strobel


Julie Hoops


Linda King


Chele Wood


Joan Kaas


Christine Friesner

Phi Chapter

Preeya Nobis




Natalie Avery


Matha Brashear


Polly Magee


Louise Kirke


Carolyn Lombardo


Marti Chaney


Note: The fraternities do not have House Directors.


AFLV Community

The National House Director's Conference

The Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values is proud to support the House Directors that play such a vital role in the chapter house management of our undergraduate fraternity and sorority chapters across the country. Each summer we host a national conference for House Directors in a different geographical location. This conference is intended to provide an opportunity for fraternity and sorority House Directors to gain valuable skills and keep up with the issues that impact them in today’s ever changing market.


The AFLV House Director Forum

Discussion forums vary in focus and content. Some are chosen by moderators, and others can be proposed by members and can be moderated or non-moderated, depending on their purpose. Views expressed by individuals in the forum setting are individual opinions and are not representative of the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values.

Greek House Resource

Greek House Resource is a search firm for sorority and fraternity House Corporations on university campuses nationwide, and a Placement Service for House Directors. Our goal is to create the best possible match for both House and Director, through assessing the needs and requirements of both.

Sorority Mom: The Ideal Career for Single Mature Women

Are you about to reenter the job market, or are you wanting to switch careers? Are you concerned about your skills? Have you retired, but want to stay active and earn income? Do you love your independence? Then you've come to the site that will support you!


Interested in a Panhellenic House Director Position at UCLA?

E-mail cover letter, resume, and references to:

Troy R. Bartels
Office of Fraternity and Sorority Relations
University of California, Los Angeles
105 Kerckhoff Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1376

Phone: 310-206-1521